Islahi Movement

Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s) in 23 years of his prophethood. Muslims started living according to commandments of God (Allah) and prophet's Sunnah. But after the death of Prophet (s) especially after the death of the four pious caliphs, the Muslims gradually started deviating from real Islam. By the 20th century, the Bid'ath (innovations in religion) reached its climax.

One of the main reasons for their deviation from Islam was lack of knowledge of the Holy Qur'an. The common Muslim mass had no means to understand the content of this Great Book. The Ulama prohibited translation of the Qur'an into local languages. So the Muslim community was misled by then Ulama. Somany innovations and superstitions were brought to the society in the name of religion.

The pre and post period of the beginning of the 20th century was a very disappointing one for the Muslims of kerala. If they had difference of opinion on any matter, they were not allowed to clear their doubts from Qur'an and Sunnah, but were directed to follow any of the four schools of thought (Shafi, Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali). Instead of referring to the verses of Qur'an or relying on the sayings of the Prophet, they were asked to refer to the 'Kitabs' written by Imams of the four Mad'habs or by the scholars leading to the four schools of thought.

But the strange thing is that if the sayings of the Imams come contradictory to the beliefs and practices traditionally followed, they will reject the former. Learning English language and talking good and pure Malayalam were declared Haram by the Ulama. Learning the very art of writing was banned to the women folk.

There was no systematic Madrasa as we see them now. They were following Dars system. The primary level moral educated centres were known as Othupally or Othupura. They said aloud that the first letter Meem of the word Madrasa is the Meem of the Arabic word Jahannam meaning Hell. So they said they don't want Madrasa and will be satisfied with Dars only.Etc

The learders of the Islahi Movement decided to start united effort for the uplift of the Muslims Society. In 1922 the Nispaksha Sangam was formed at Kodungallur which was consisted of 11 members. Sheik Hamadani Thangal, KM Moulavi, EK Moulavi, MCC AbduRahman Moulavi etc. were active workers of this Sangam. A bigger meeting of the Sangam was held in the same year in which the name NIspaksha Sangam was changed as Aikya Sangam.

A decision was taken in the 2nd anniversary of Aikya Sangam in 1924 at Aluva to conduct an Ulama Conference and to form an Ulama Sangam. Despite the opposition of a group of Ulama for the formation of an Ulama Sangam, the Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (KJU) was formed 1924.

The imperative need for a popular organization was seriously felt by the Ulama. The Reformist Movement which started by individuals gradually led to the formation of Aikya Sangam which again led to KJU which started conducting religious sermons and setting up mosques and Madrasas. It had no branches or subordinate organizations. A more systematic propagation of Thauheed was planned in the exicutive meeting of KJU and hence the formation of Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen (KNM) in April 2, 1950. KM Moulavi was the founder President and NV AbduSsalam Moulavi, the founder Gen. Secretory of the organization.

In order to work more effectively among youths, students and women, seperate organizations for each group have been formed. Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen (ISM) was formed to work among youth on 16th May 1967. In order to to keep the students in the true path without getting trapped in atheism or other vices, a students wing called ISM Student Wing was formed in 1970. Later 1972 this student's wing was named Mujahid Students Movement (MSM). The Islahi Movement has got a strong women's wing also. The growth of the movement led to have seperate wing for different sections and hence the formation of Muslim Girls and Women's Movement (MGM). The organization is desseminating the message of Islam through various medias.

With complete submission to Allah the Islahi Movement led by CP Umer Sullami (President, KJU), A Abdul Hameed Madeeni (Gen. Secretory, KJU), Dr EK Ahammed Kutty (President, KNM), Dr Hussain Madavoor (Gen. Secretory, KNM), Mujeeb Rahman Kinalur (President, ISM), NM Abdul Jaleel (Gen Secretory, ISM), PMA Gafoor (President, MSM), K Harshid (Gen. Secretory, MSM), Salma Anwariyya (President, MGM) Khadeeja Nargees (Gen. Secretory, MGM), Farha Rahman (President, MGMSW), and Afeefa Poonur (Gen. Secretory, MGMSW) move ahead completely dedicating their work to almighty Allah.